Straight From the Trunk (Update #5)

Here’s a little bit of gunff on what is going on in Many Elephant-shire at the moment.

New EP “Dark” out now!

My new EP is now available on all the usual streaming services and Bandcamp.

TikTok Madness!

My TikTok site is all about celebrating the music I love both old and new. It’s getting good regular views and close to 1000 followers. Here is just one example of the quality content!

Straight From the Trunk (Update #4)

Welcome to my latest load of gunff straight out of the old trunk!

New Album On The Horizon

My next album will be called “Stateless” and will be very different for me. More ambient, atmospheric and cinematic than anything else I have done. No release date yet but the album material is near to completion!

Trunk Music Tuesdays!

My radio show moved to the 4th Tuesday of the month recently and I have already recorded 2 shows. You can listen again via MixCloud, just go to the radio page for more details.

Straight From the Trunk (Update #3)

Well it’s been an odd year or so hasn’t it. In fact I don’t even want to discuss it, and rather focus on some things that are happening in Many Elephantasia!

New Album Time!

I have a new album out on the 1st of August 2021 and I am very happy with it. It is a bit dystopian and bleak as it is heavily influenced by the music from shows such as Westworld, Dark and Brave New World. That said it is also an album that tries to have some positivity.

6 O’Clock Live

I have been doing my pre-recorded “Trunk Music” show on Radio Free Matlock for over a year now (you can listen to past shows on the Radio page)

I am now jumping into doing a LIVE slot as part of the “6 O’Clock Live” show! This is totally live and will not be recorded to go on MixCloud. My first appearance is on Thursday 10th June 2021 so make sure you tune in by visiting

Straight From the Trunk (Update #2)

Well it continues to be an odd time with the ongoing issues with COVID-19 as you can see from my less than normal appearance.

I also happen to be writing this on September 11th, which will always be a date that stays in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

Still, we have to keep looking forward and focus on the positive, and in my life so here are some great little things happening in my music life.

Funky Friday Slot for “Trunk Music”

My little radio show “Trunk Music” has been promoted to a great Friday night slot on Radio Free Matlock. It goes out on the first Friday of every month and I am delighted to continue to be a part of this very cool little radio station.

I have a heap of shows already in the planning with some great music lined up for you good good people. If you would like to check out past shows you can do so by visiting MixCloud.

Experiments on the Horizon

I must admit that writing recently has been a little difficult. My last album “Elephantism” was a great creative venture but it has taken a little bit out of me. While I have some tunes on the go I am not fully feeling them and I am keen to challenge myself a little bit.

Therefore I find myself moving towards some of my older gear and a more experimental, perhaps ambient vibe!

I have yet to start playing around with this concept but it is something that I really like the idea of and feel could produce some interesting ideas. I am at a stage where I need to break out of the standard “4 to the floor” structure. Lets see what comes out of that!

Straight From the Trunk (Update #1)

Well I thought it was about time that I redesigned my web presence so here we have a sparkly new, if somewhat minimal, web site for Many Elephants!

I also thought it was worth giving you a quick update on what has been happening in my world recently.

Safety First, and Rave Ready!

I had to get myself one of these Altern 8 face masks to help both with the COVID-19 issues and to make sure I am ready for a rave at short notice.

Altern 8 were a massive influence on me when I was younger and played a huge part in shaping my taste in music.

Full on Mask Hysteria!

Minima/Maximus Out July 3rd

I have a new release coming out on Friday July 3rd! This will be a 2 tracker featuring a reworked club version of my track “Minima Alpha” and a new track called “Maximus”.

This will only be available via Bandcamp initially.

Trunk Music Radio Show #3!

I have really been enjoying doing my Trunk Music radio show on the brilliant Radio Free Matlock.

I do the show on the second Monday of each month and I am now up to my third show already. Time has flown by! I have the plan for show 4 done already and will be recording it soon.

You can listen back to the 3rd show that was broadcast in June using the player below.