My music is available via all the usual media services and you can get to them using the various icons on the site.

I have focused in on some of my EPs and albums below if you would prefer to delve into a bit of Many Elephants on here!


“Dark” is a 4 track EP that was intended to be an album, but it proved to be one of the hardest releases for me to get to sound right as a whole.

So rather than put out an album that I was not happy with I decided to slim it down and feature the main four upbeat tracks which seemed to fit well as a cohesive release.


“Stateless” is an album of 9 tracks laid out into 3 movements. It is by far my most experimental release to date and sees me focus more on sound and ambience rather than rhythm.

It has a soundtrack feel akin to my “Human Errors” releases and is no doubt in some way influenced by my love of the abstract soundscape albums created by such artists as The Future Sound of London, The Orb and Boards of Canada.

To Man His Way Does Not Belong

This album came about during the isolation and self reflection of the COVID-19 pandemic and lock-down period.

It is an album that is also heavily influenced by the incredible soundtracks of dystopian TV shows such as Brave New World, Chernobyl, Dark and Westworld.

This feels to me like my most important album to date. I have tried to portray through instrumental music a sense of my own isolation and internal reflection during these recent times, while also making a silent commentary of the external world and its perilous stumbling through time. I hope that it in some way, despite the dystopian feel, the listener is left with a glimmer of hope by the end of it!


Elephantism was released on May 1st 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the tracks for the album had been written prior to lock down but a couple were started during the isolation period (not surprisingly one of them was the track “Virus”)


Minima was released on the 8th of August 2019. This album felt like a huge step forward in my production values.

“Minima Alpha” was the first track that I wrote for the album and pretty much set the tone for it. It has a bleak and almost dystopian feel to it that permeates across the other tracks on the album. That track in particular has been picked up and played by quite a few DJs around the world for their shows and live performance streams.


Abstract was released on April 9th 2018 and in many ways it is my favorite of my albums.

It is a bit of an eclectic mix featuring some experimental pieces (such as “Snapper” and “Jellyfish”) alongside more conventional 4-to-the-floor tracks. It even features a tribute to one of the trance record labels that I used to buy loads of music from in the 90’s!


Journeys was my first album. It was released on August 1st 2016.

This is quite a unique album in that I went into someone else’s studio, rather than my own to write it. I went into Superfly Studios in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire with a few “scratch-pad” ideas but then pretty much wrote the tracks on the fly.

It was written at a time when I had been close to giving up writing altogether but by changing the scenery and challenging myself a bit I managed to renew my desire to create music again.

“Gathering Storms (Part 2)” was the first track I had played on BBC Introducing in the East Midlands which opened the door to a number of creative opportunities and helped me to meet other electronic music producers from my area that I went on to collaborate with.

While it is probably not my best album (in my opinion) it is without a doubt my most important.