Welcome Many Elefans to the online home of music producer, DJ, Radio Presenter and general nice guy, Many Elephants!


New album “Stateless” out now!

Many Elephants Trunk Music to End in April!

After 2 years I have decided to hit the pause button on my radio show.

I have enjoyed putting these shoes together and I appreciate Radio Matlock giving me the opportunity to do it.

Update – you can listen to my last show now, just visit the Radio page.


Straight From the Trunk (Update #4)

Welcome to my latest load of gunff straight out of the old trunk! New Album On The Horizon My next album will be called “Stateless” and will be very different for me. More ambient, atmospheric and cinematic than anything else I have done. No release date yet but the album material is near to completion!…

Straight From the Trunk (Update #3)

Well it’s been an odd year or so hasn’t it. In fact I don’t even want to discuss it, and rather focus on some things that are happening in Many Elephantasia! New Album Time! I have a new album out on the 1st of August 2021 and I am very happy with it. It is…

Straight From the Trunk (Update #2)

Well it continues to be an odd time with the ongoing issues with COVID-19 as you can see from my less than normal appearance. I also happen to be writing this on September 11th, which will always be a date that stays in the memory for all the wrong reasons. Still, we have to keep…