Every now and again I like to turn my hand to the decks!

I tend to lean more towards good old fashioned vinyl as a music medium as I am a musical child of the early 90s rave era and own a set of Technics SL1210’s!

However, vinyl is damn heavy so I even get the laptop out and create a mix using that every now and again as well!

You can listen to some of my mixes by visiting my Mix Cloud site using the buttons below.

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Migration Through Six Kingdoms (D&B Mix)

This mix was designed as an audio journey! I am a big fan of drum and bass of all kinds and this mix features tracks at the lighter and darker end of the spectrum.

It is a set that is designed for listening to with just enough of a punch every now and again to make your head nod, or even get up out of your chair and throw some shapes!

Vanishing Point Bar Grooves (House Mix)

This mix was one that I intended to do live at an event for Vanishing Point Records. Unfortunately I was then unable to play! I liked the selection of tunes so much though that I decided to record the mix anyway!

It contains a selection of laid back House grooves. Imagine being at a cool bar in Ibiza enjoying a sangria….but you would really have been in the middle of Matlock in the depths of Winter!