Straight From the Trunk (Update #1)

Well I thought it was about time that I redesigned my web presence so here we have a sparkly new, if somewhat minimal, web site for Many Elephants!

I also thought it was worth giving you a quick update on what has been happening in my world recently.

Safety First, and Rave Ready!

I had to get myself one of these Altern 8 face masks to help both with the COVID-19 issues and to make sure I am ready for a rave at short notice.

Altern 8 were a massive influence on me when I was younger and played a huge part in shaping my taste in music.

Full on Mask Hysteria!

Minima/Maximus Out July 3rd

I have a new release coming out on Friday July 3rd! This will be a 2 tracker featuring a reworked club version of my track “Minima Alpha” and a new track called “Maximus”.

This will only be available via Bandcamp initially.

Trunk Music Radio Show #3!

I have really been enjoying doing my Trunk Music radio show on the brilliant Radio Free Matlock.

I do the show on the second Monday of each month and I am now up to my third show already. Time has flown by! I have the plan for show 4 done already and will be recording it soon.

You can listen back to the 3rd show that was broadcast in June using the player below.

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